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Do you want to shoot as accurately as you can? The first step is to ensure your equipment is Fit-to-Shoot.

A personalised equipment setup
Our aim is for you to be successful, whatever style of shooting you select, but you need the right set-up! There are a lot of options when setting up a bow and choosing accessories. We spend time with you to ensure you will have the right combination and that your setup is a custom fit.


How does it work?
We spend up to two hours with you ensuring we get the right set-up for you. We follow a proven process which systematically tailors your bow and accessories for you and your needs. This includes:


  • Establishing your eye dominance to determine whether you will shoot left or right handed.

  • Choosing the right bow for your needs.

  • Selecting the accessories or accessories package that will best suit you.

  • Selecting your arrows with from arrow companies tables or software.

  • Coaching, using a string bow and a Genesis Pro bow to get the basics of good shooting form and a consistent shot sequence. This is essential before we can begin the next step - custom fitting your bow to you...

  • Custom-fitting your equipment to you including,

- Draw length,

- Peep sight height,

- Wheel timing,

- String condition,

- Wheel alignment,

- Arrow rest setup,

- Nocking point position,

- Tiller, release aid setup

  • A complete record of your bow's settings.


Why do I need Fit-to-Shoot?
You will leave with your bow completely set up, all accessories installed and you are now ready to shoot!


How long does it take?
Fit-to-Shoot is the ultimate in personalisation and can take up to two hours to complete - sometimes more depending on how tricky you are! But we will work with you as long as it takes to get the results we're looking for.


If you already have a bow requiring a custom tuning, we offer this same service at a competitive hourly rate. Fit-to-Shoot is the best investment in time you will ever make with your archery.


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